This blog is about indoor tanning lotion. It is a place that people can come and talk about all kinds of tanning lotion used for tanning beds. If you would like you can leave a link to your favorite internet site that has something to do with tanning. My personal favorite is a site at www.bestindoortanninglotion.com . They sell Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, California Tan, Designer Skin, Tan Inc, John Abate, Brown Sugar, Fiji Blend, Matahari, Emerald Bay, Posh by Breeze, Body Drench, Fiesta Sun and many other cheap tanning lotions. If you are looking for discounted tanning lotions we highly recommend it.


  1. Anonymous

    Here is a great site to purchase your tanning beds, tanning bulbs, tanning lamps, and other tanning supplies. They also do tanning service and repair. http://www.tanmartinc.com

  2. Anonymous

    To achieve the fastest darkest indoor tan possible I’d use either Swedish Beauty’s Chocolate Indulgence or Designer Skin’s Fortune IV (from their Boutique line)until a complete base tan has been achieved. Both lotions do a wonderful job moisturizing the skin and leaving an IMMEDIATE beautiful, natural and STREAK-FREE bronze glow on the skin – so much so that you’d think it was all from the bed or sun.

    When a good base tan has been established, one really needs to switch to a maximizer lotion as continued exclusive use of an accelerator lotion (like the two mentioned above) will only maintain your color and not deepen it. I prefer to use a lotion with a tingler – Swedish Beauty’s Unforgiven, Safire, or Hot Amaretto & Designer Skin’s Rock Star or Bombshell – as the tingler temporaily opens blood vessels in the skin promoting darker color and better skin oxygenation. For those who don’t like the feel/effect of a strong tingler (temporary reddening & feeling of extreme warmth) I suggest Pink Diamond by Swedish Beauty, a very mild tingler. Good non-tingler choices include Swedish Beauty’s Perfectly Dark and Designer Skin’s Revival and Spellbound.

    Make sure to thoroughly moisturize after and between each tanning session to keep your glow fresh. If using a lotion with bronzers don’t shower or swim for 4 hours after tanning as the bronzers keep working long after you exit the salon.

    If any tanners have questions, please feel free to email me at tiki_tanning@yahoo.com

    ~ Dianne Simpson

  3. Dianne, That was great. Please come visit us here often. Thanks

  4. french?? :/
    well i’m portuguese… from portugal lol!–>

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