Tanning Tip of the Day

One of the most important steps of tanning is exfoliating the skin. This is both important for tanning in a tanning bed or spray tanning. What is exfoliating? It is simply removing the outer layer of dead skin cells. The easiest way to do this is too take a shower before you tan or get sprayed. While in the shower choose the shower gel of your choice (Body Drench, Body Invest, Supre, California Tan or even one from Wal-Mart) and use a loofah type scrubbee to remove the dead skin. I like a hot shower myself. This will remove that dead layer of skin that will block the UV rays while you are tanning or the spray tanning solution from absorbing into your skin. This will also help keep your skin healthy. This process alone will help you get darker and allow you to keep your tan longer. Check back soon for another tanning tip.


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