If you have ever been to a tanning salon and used a tanning lotion chances are that you have experienced the “tingle” or heat factor from a tanning lotion. What is the tingle caused from? Does it help the tan? How does it work? These are the questions we are going to answer. First of all the tingle in most products is from an ingredient called methylnicotinate. It is a niacin derivitive. It actually works to irritate the skin. Why would a tanner want that? Tanning is an oxidation process. This means that the more oxygen, the faster, the darker the tan. By irritating the skin blood flow to the skins surface increases. Blood carries an increased amount of oxygen to the skin surface, thus speeding up the tanning process. So yes it does help the tan. It has been this authors personal experience that tanners that smoke tend to like the tingle tanning lotions more than non smokers. One theory is that the increased blood flow makes a bigger difference than a non-smoker. Most of the major tanning lotion manufacturers make a tanning bed lotion with a tingle or heat factor. These include the top names in tanning Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, California Tan, Designer Skin, Body Drench, Supre, Fiesta Sun and many more. Tanning Lotions of all price ranges from cheap to expensive offer the tingle. So remember next time you are going to tan, ask about the tingle.
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