One of my favorite old standby indoor tanning lotions is Australian Gold Hot. It has been around for years but is still one of the best products on the market. Australian Gold Hots Dark Tanning Omega Oils help maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier and enhance its ability to retain moisture. Natural Extracts of pure plant and botanical essences supply important nutrients and promote exceptional skin care. Super rich, ultra moisturizing lotion formula is ideal for both beginning tanners and those with an established base tan. Maximum concentrations of Vitasome Complex?, a blend of important nutrients and antioxidant vitamins for a darker tan and healthier skin. This is definately a tanning lotion that while it is not cheap, you can not go wrong. Go here for more info http://bestindoortanninglotion.com/hot.html

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  1. I used the Australian Gold Hot in a tanning bed before I went on vacation to Florida. You can even use it on the beach if you have a good base tan, but you should really use a tanning lotion with SPF. I love Florida and Disney World.

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