Here is a good article on sunless tanning. Myself I prefer a tanning bed and good indoor tanning lotion. I do not agree with everything the article says, but it is a good article. http://mensfashion.about.com/od/groomingbody/a/selftanning.htm?terms=tanning


  1. Funny how it seems. You, white people, are so obsessed with tanning while here in the Philippines, skin-whitening creams and lotions have high demands because people, excluding me, want to lighten their complexions.
    As for me, I just want to be tan on summer and stay with this skin for the rest of the year. But I must admit it, I also want to be tan. But I am learning contentment in life and I just look at the brighter side of being fair – being able to wear clothes of any kind of color is one of the advantages so I must stick with it. But then again, I look more attractive when I’m dark. hahaha.

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