It is getting to be that time of year that we do a lot of outdoor activities, like fishing, boating, motorcycling, biking, vacationing and swimming. Just remember that because you have a good base tan from a tanning bed, does not mean that you will not sunburn outside. Be sure to use a good tanning lotion with at least an SPF 15 and be cautious. Good luck and have fun.


  1. Automobile Accident and State Farm Insurance

    Several years ago I had a bad accident (it was not my fault). The driver of the car that hit me had State Farm Insurance. It seemed to me that everyone I spoke with that had ever been in a similiar situation had trouble getting State Farm to pay a legitimate settlement. Finally after 5 years of litigation we did settle. I had to hire a personal injury lawyer. He was a very good attorney. Even with him working his tail off it took 5 years to get my back injury settled. Has anyone else had these legal problems with an automobile insurance company. I have heard that All State Insurance is bad for this too. After spending thousands of dollars on doctors I finally had to go to a Chiropractor and a tanning bed to get some relief.

  2. Zonker Harris is my idol. In fact I keep all of my golf shots to 50 yards for control. He taught me that the base tan is the key. When George hamilton gave him the trophy after shooting like a 232 but his darkness ratio was off the charts, I nearly cried. Wow.

    Serious question. Now that the Republicans have cut subsidies to the tanning clinics, what is an amateur like me going to do? I mean, you have a sponsership right?

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