It looks like their is another great tanning lotion website that is being developed. It looks like it is going to be a great place to get cheap tanning lotion.


  1. pity i cant get tan lotion sent to uk they only send to usa

  2. It’s a pity that this blog, one of the few indoor tanning blogs, promotes lotion diversion. This is a pox on the indoor tanning industry.

    The best place to buy indoor tanning lotion is at your local indoor tanning salon. Think globally but act locally. Support your local businesses.

    Remember that products purchased at your local indoor tanning salon helps to hold down the price of indoor tanning services.

    This “Tanning Lotion” blogger claims to be a part of the indoor tanning industry. He should work on his professionalism. Lotion diversion is an industry scourge. This “Tanning Lotion” blog is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    Links to lotion diversion websites should be deleted. However, I am not holding my breath until that happen. Those links are probably the only reason this blog even exists. I think this is nothing but a lotion diversion advertising website disguised to look like a legitimate blog. Buyer beware.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey!!! I found another site that looks good…


  4. The above author tanning industry professional links to his site and discusses lotion diversion and tells the consumer how evil it is. The only thing he say is though that you may not be getting what you pay for. Is this not true with a tanning salon also? We must have some faith in the merchants. If not our economy will surely fail. The only interest he is wanting to protect is his own and his retail outlet. If he and people like them had their way, there would be nothing sold on the internet. This guy is truly the one to watch out for.

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