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The indoor tanning season has definately came to a quick close this year.  I do not know what to attribute it too, other than the indoor tanning industry is changing and not for the better.  I believe that people are spending their money elsewhere than on tanning beds and tanning lotion.


Where do you get the best indoor tanning lotion for the cheapest prices?   You can go to this website that sells indoor tanning lotion.  They carry Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, California Tan, Designer Skin tanning lotion, Supre tanning products, Tan Inc Brown Sugar and many other name brand tanning lotions.

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I would just like to introduce this new tanning lotion site.  They carry Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, Designer Skin, Body Drench, California Tan (CalTan), Supre, OC tanning lotion, Fiesta Sun, Fiji Blend and many others tanning lotions.

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ReversAll Smokers Moisturizing Facial Cream

Smokers Moisturizing Facial Cream is filled with anti-oxidant vitamins, A,C and E to reverse the damage that Free Radicals can cause smokers skin. It replenishes the collagen in your skin to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, while increasing the circulation to your face. This is truly a one of a kind product that will return that youthful healthy glow to your face. This is a great product for smokers, former smokers, or any just around second hand smoke.

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It appears that Australian Gold is coming out with a brand new form of Australian Gold Crystal tanning lotion. It is going to retail for $110. I wonder where the saturation point is going to be for tanning lotion as far as price is concerned. I will keep you posted on this new tanning lotion as soon as I hear.

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Millennium Blaque Coffee 13.5 ozEnergizing – Enhances your skins ability to tan through increased oxygenation. Moisturizers – Aloe Vera Base, Skin Nourishing, Conditioning & Healing. Accelerators – 4 Quadruple Bronzers – You’ll get both Instant Dark Tan Results & Deeper, Richer, Longer Lasting Color. Anti-Aging/Anti-Cellulite – Improves Firmness, Diminishes Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Tones and Tightens skin.13.5 oz. (400ml)

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It looks like ETS, the manufacturers of Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, Caribbean Gold tanning lotions, and Sunquest tanning beds has been sold. It was purchased by a group headed by Steve Hilbert and Tomisue Hilbert. Steve Hilbert founded Conseco Insurance and was the CEO until it ran into some financial problems. It will be interesting to see what is going to happen there.


I just found an another interesting article bashing tanning. It is not hard to do the link is and the article is talking about tanning bed manufacturers claims that tanning produces Vitamin D. It goes on to state that this is true but not in High Pressure beds where the UVB light is filtered out. I found this rather interesting because I have been in the tanning industry for around 16 years and have only actually even seen about 4 High Pressure tanning beds being used in a tanning salon. I would guess that it was less than 1% of the tanning industry. I am so glad that these do-gooders can bash 1% of our industry.


Why use tanning lotion? There are 3 ways that tanning lotion helps you achieve a beautiful tan. I call it MMC. That stands for magnification, moisturization and conditioning. Let’s start with magnification. The tanning lotion sits on top of the skin magnifying the UV rays. This speeds up the tanning process. Now moisturization. Tanning lotions contain several moisturizers to keep the skin elastic, soft, smooth and healthy. Remember healthy skin tans better that unhealthy skin. Last but not least is skin conditioning. Most tanning lotion contains tyrosine. Tyrosine is an amino acid that stimulate the melanin to the surface of the skin. This speeds up the tanning process.
Now to add to the mix nowadays they have added bronzers, sunless tanning products and tingle tanning lotions. We will go more into this at a later time.

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