OC Tanning Lotion TEN X has Five Bronzers – You’ll get immediate dark tanning results with the DHA, Erythrulose, Carrot Oil, Walnut Extract, and Caramel.Five Accelerators – Amazingly potent Tyrosine derivatives enhance your ability to tan while maximizing UV absorption. Energizing – Dark Tanning Results are enhanced by the surge of energy and oxygen to your skin during the tanning process.Anti-Cellulite/Skin Firming – Our OC Tanning Lotion
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Pro Tan Fabulously Bronze Triple Dark Bronzer is a Triple Dark Bronzer Experience the true art of dark tanning with this unique blend of instant and extended bronzers formulated in a natural base of Aloe Vera, Monoi de Tahiti, Coconut and Sunflower oil. Advanced tanning enhancers and skin care ingredients keep you looking fabulously bronze while providing you with the softest, silkiest skin.

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ReversAll Smokers Moisturizing Facial Cream

Smokers Moisturizing Facial Cream is filled with anti-oxidant vitamins, A,C and E to reverse the damage that Free Radicals can cause smokers skin. It replenishes the collagen in your skin to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, while increasing the circulation to your face. This is truly a one of a kind product that will return that youthful healthy glow to your face. This is a great product for smokers, former smokers, or any just around second hand smoke.

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Fiesta Sun Bananaberry Tini Tanning Lotion is Mmmmm! So berry, berry good it’s bursting with plump, juicy tanning pleasure! A wonderfully delicious fruit concoction. This tropical smoothie sunsation delivers exceptional skin nourishing antioxidants for younger looking supple skin. This proven tan accelerating fusion of natural stain and streak-free bronzers and a proprietary mix of ingredients make this so speciallicious. Blended with exotic botanicals, vitamins A, C & E along with Extra Virgin Olive oil prepare your skin for its next UV experience. Bananaberry Tini…Now, everyday is a Sun Day with a cherry on top! For more info click on Fiesta Sun Bananaberry Tini Tanning Lotion.

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Supre Cafe Bronzer with Hemp tanning lotion • Enriched with pure hemp seed oil and extract for dramatic skin rehydration, nourishment and conditioning. • Includes key ingredients found in Bronzer. For more information click here Supre Cafe Bronzer with Hemp tanning lotion

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California Tan Ambrosia Tanning Lotion features• Unique tan-enhancing swirl combines the moisturization of a rich lotion with the fast-absorbing action and lightness of a gel.• VITATAN™ PLUS with Ty-rol acts as an anti-free radical agent that supports the energy in the skin to deliver a golden base tan.• Summer Savory smoothes skin for a radiant finish.• Unique Biosaccharide Complex helps prevent after-tan odor. For more info click here California Tan Ambrosia Tanning Lotion

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Australian Gold Gold & Bronze tanning lotion is an Immediate dark color formula with DHA and CELLUTOX® Complex Plus Anti-aging and Firming ComplexExquisitely dark, Gold & Bronze™ formula will leave you saturated with color and hydrated beyond belief. This anti-aging firming complex is perfectly married with CELLUTOX™ Complex for a younger looking skin blend.• Dual Bronzer Complex – Instant dark color plus DHA that lasts up to 7 days.• CELLUTOX™ Complex – Highly effective blend for visibly hydrated, conditioned skin with increased elasticity. • Hemp Seed Extract – Excellent hydration for maximum color.• Herbal DNA – Skin-protecting essential nutrients for longer-lasting darker color.• THC Drug Free

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